Invited Talk at WTC 2012

We are invited to talk about OpenISDM project on World Telecommunication Congress 2012. WTC 2012 was held at Miyazaki, Japan. Although this is a conference for telecommunication, a special section is reserved for social impact and technology for disaster response and management.

The conference was held in the convention center at Miyazaki, Japan. The conference hall is a huge room as shown below, which is only one third of the room. (Look at the size of the speaker on the podium and you can figure out how large this room is.)

Here is the abstract of my talk.

Recent years have ushered in tremendous advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) and infrastructures and applications for disaster management. Still, daily news on disasters has been telling us that even people in technologically advanced regions remain ill prepared. Some of the reasons are that state-of-the-art disaster management systems/services cannot access responsively valuable information in sources owned by businesses, organizations, communities and individuals and do not exploit synergistically information from networks of things and crowd of people during emergencies. Smart and intelligent environments now offer us an increasingly broader spectrum of devices and services for comfort and convenience, safety from intruders, social connectivity, etc. but little or nothing to help us to improve our preparedness for killer tornados, major earthquakes, floods, and so on. OpenISDM (Open Information Systems for Disaster Management) is a research project on critical technologies needed to bridge these gaps. After presenting a brief overview of the project, this talk will focus on cyber-physical devices, systems and services that can process standard-based disaster alert messages and take actions to prevent loss of lives and reduce damages to properties. The talk will conclude with opportunities and challenges in making such devices and systems dependable and affordable enough to be deployed pervasively as parts of future smart living environments.

The presentation slide can be downloaded from OpenISDM web site: (link)



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