Invited talk related to IoT by Dr. Vida Ilderem, Vice President of Intel Labs and Director.

Another Invited talk related to IoT. Vida is the Vice President of Intel Labs and Director. It is not very often you can hear the talk from Intel Vice President.

Internet of Things: Making It all Work
Speaker: Dr. Vida Ilderem, Vice President, Intel Labs & Director, Integrated Computing Research

Date: Dec 11, 2013 (Wed)
Time: 13:20-14:20
Location: BL101, NTU (台灣大學博理館101演講廳)

Abstract: Embedded market is growing at a very fast pace encompassing many different market segments such as health, home, industrial, smart grid, smart cities, and automotive. This emerging market is enabled by IoT/M2M, which offers rich research opportunities and challenges to be addressed for the billions of compute-capable connected devices. This talk will cover the role and importance of IoT/M2M for the embedded market including the research challenges and opportunities.


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