IoT Standard

An article on WSJ:New Tech Group Joins Crowded Field to Set Rules for ‘Internet of Things’ points out that new players including Intel and Apples are joining the group of Internet of Things. A new standard group is formed to standardize the communication and computation interoperability among ‘things’ for smart home and office applications.

WuKong, a project we have been working on in last three years, have a different view points. There is no standard for IoT. Communication and computation technology continues to evolve but the appliances at home or office last for several years. Asking all the software deployed on these appliances to meet certain standard is not practical at all.

WuKong provides the middleware for communication and computation so that the appliances can communicate via different communication protocols. When new communication is available and is parts of the systems, the users only need to plug in the new devices and install new communication module, i.e., driver, to the middleware. (The installation can be carried automatically as well.)

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