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IoT Standard

An article on WSJ:New Tech Group Joins Crowded Field to Set Rules for ‘Internet of Things’ points out that new players including Intel and Apples are joining the group of Internet of Things. A new standard group is formed to … Continue reading

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Example program for pipeline threading model

Multithread programming is popularly adopted to make better use of the computation resources on modern computing devices including desktop computer, servers, and embedded systems. There are several major threading models for multithread programming, including thread pool model, boss/worker model, pipeline model, … Continue reading

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Preparing PDF files for IEEE eXpress on Mac

Publishing research results is part of professor’s routing jobs. However, the process of creating ‘portable’ format for different publishers is a really painful process. In particular, it is very often that one works on different computers to prepare the manuscripts … Continue reading

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Paper to be appeared on Mobile Cloud 2014

Our paper, titled “Mobile Imprecise Computation Over the Cloud”, has been accepted to IEEE Mobile Cloud 2014 and will be presented in the conference to be held in Oxford, UK from April 8 to 11. This paper was written by … Continue reading

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陳欣毅(2013 台大資訊所碩士,2011 台大資訊系學士)於2013年十二月二十日的中國電機工程師學會上獲頒『青年論文獎』。陳欣毅的論文題目為『修復分散式發布訂閱服務演算法之設計與實作』。 本論文提出一種修復機制,可加強現有的分散式訊息遞送軟體的可靠度。修復機制讓廣域網路上故障的服務自動被另外一個服務所替代。另外,本論文也提出分散式演算法解決服務修復過程中的共識問題。藉由修復機制,訊息遞送系統可以容忍並行發生的故障,提供更好的服務品質。 恭喜陳欣毅!!

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Accepted papers at IEEE WF-IoT 2014

Our paper titled ‘Decentralized Fault Tolerance Mechanism for Intelligent IoT/M2M Middleware’ to the IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) 2014. WF-IoT 2014 is the flagship conference sponsored by several IEEE societies including IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, IEEE … Continue reading

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Invited talk related to IoT by Dr. Vida Ilderem, Vice President of Intel Labs and Director.

Another Invited talk related to IoT. Vida is the Vice President of Intel Labs and Director. It is not very often you can hear the talk from Intel Vice President. Internet of Things: Making It all Work Speaker: Dr. Vida … Continue reading

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