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Example program for pipeline threading model

Multithread programming is popularly adopted to make better use of the computation resources on modern computing devices including desktop computer, servers, and embedded systems. There are several major threading models for multithread programming, including thread pool model, boss/worker model, pipeline model, … Continue reading

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Alice, Bob, and Cindy (Chinese Post)

為了讓學生理解,Blocking/Nonblocking 與 Synchronous/Asynchronous IO 間的差異性,去年想了一個買便當的梗,但是,學生似乎不怎麼捧場。這次換一個送情書的梗,反應稍微好了一些。但是,用這個例子說明 Non-blocking Synchronous I/O 似乎還是有一點牽強。徵求合適的情境說明 Non-blocking Synchronous I/O。  

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Coding Style for Embedded Systems

Coding for embedded systems has unique requirements. If one would like to work in the community , he/she should check this out. Continue reading

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